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What else do we do?
Other services available via our "Sister company" Marksafety Consultancy LLP

Safety Management "Audits"

Marksafety reassure through a half day safety management check against the Six Essential Elements with feedback. Unlike usual audits we focus on educating and providing solutions rather than pointing out problems.


CDM (Construction)

The C.D.M Regulations place duties on all parties involved on a project. We can help you and your team meet requirements, coordinate safety and maintain standards as a CDM Coordinator for a fixed fee on smaller projects across Lancashire.

Fire Risk Assessments 

The Fire Regulatory Order 2005 requires a Fire Risk Assessment is carried out for commercial buildings. Marksafety carry out a Fire Safety Risk Survey on your property and provide a report including a draft Fire Risk Assessment for you to adopt.

Workplace Inspections

Marksafety visit your workplace to carry out a safety inspection or simulate an enforcement visit with feedback. We can also assist you with basic non-statutory visual checks on work equipment.

Safety Awareness Training

Marksafety offer a range of safety, health and environmental awareness briefings tailored to your needs and lasting a half hour to a half day. We can deliver "training" online or onsite and provide attendance certification on completion.

Marksafety mentor you through the application process translating requirements and maintaining focus through weekly meetings, providing templates where required to help you gather and submit your evidence. 

Incident Investigations

Whether you foresee a claim, enforcement action or just want to reassure, Marksafety offer three levels of impartial incident review with feedback report to provide the full picture and recommendations to prevent re-occurance.

Face Fit Testing

If your Risk Assessment dictates as a control respiratory protective equipment (face masks) are required then Face fit testing is required. Marksafety offer on-site qualitative testing for disposable masks.

DSE Workstation Assessments

Use of display screen equipment or poor workstation layout results in short term and long term health effects. Marksafety have cost effective ways to perform DSE Risk Assessments as required by law.

Mental Health First Aider

As a Employer you may be to close or not know how to react to an employee who complains of stress, depression or other mental health concerns. Marksafety offer initial consultations booked online.

Draft Risk Assessments

Marksafety can assist drafting basic Risk Assessments / Method statements with you, explaining the steps and principals ensuring your document content is understood and bespoke to you.

Constractor vetting

Any sub-contractors that carry out work on your behalf must be suitably competent and resourced. Marksafety can assist you in this duty by carrying out such checks and providing feedback. 

Before you invest . .

We offer free 30 minute phone/video calls to discuss your needs and propose fixed price solutions and there is no hard sell involved, however to help you initially assess whether hiring us is a viable option within your budget, Marks indicative rate is £100/hour. Need a little more reassurance check out our reviews.


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