Creating Basic RAMS

Need help drafting RAMS? You can call us or provide detail around the questions below. We will type up a draft set of RAMS and return them in PDF form for you to check over and request amendments or add detail as required.  

Thank you for your RAMS request. We will get back to you as soon as possible to confirm your instructions and discuss fees and/or work turn around (unless already agreed).

Please note RAMS can take up to 24 hours turnaround from receipt of request.

If you have any questions or concerns or wish to add any information please contact us.
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 Drafting a basic Risk Assessment / Method Statement takes approximately a full hours consultation dependant on complexity however we do offer half or extended consultations as required. Schedule yours here.


We aim to focus on project specifics making your RAMS quick to read and understand. We hope this adds great value and engagement to the end user.


Quick task or unexpected call out? consider using a Work Activity Safety Plan. Quick to complete on the job and is a 1 page hybrid between a  Risk Assessment, Method Statement and also includes a chance to record onsite checks carried out or any issues experienced on that particular job.


Imagine knowing an incident is going to occur on a job of yours in the next 12 months, media trolls will turn on you. Your new insurance premium will arrive on the same day as the HSE call and the claim is short to follow. Now how much time, thought and investment would you put to in to a set of RAMS!