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Creating Basic RAMS

Need help drafting basic RAMS? We can type a draft set of RAMS based on information you provide and return them as PDF or file for you to check over, discuss and request amendment as required. You can complete the form on this page or Schedule a consultation here. We hope to add value and engagement by focusing on project specifics making your RAMS quick to read and understand.

Quick task or unexpected call out? consider using the Work Activity Safety Plan. Quick to complete on the job this 1 page tool includes onsite checks carried out and any issues experienced during the task.

Business to be displayed on RAMS?*

Your name - Providing Information

Email address to return draft RAMS?*

1. Title of task?*

2. Site address?*

3. Start date?*

4. Duration of work?*

5. Number of Operatives?*

6. Who is leading team?*

7. Who is the Client?*

8. Client / onsite contact*

9. Welfare arrangements - Who is providing what*

10. What are the Fire safety arrangements?*

11. What are the First Aid arrangements?*

12. What access equipment will you use?*

13. What tools will you use?*

14. Will you use any other plant or equipment?*

15. What substances will you use or create?*

16. Explain how ( in a few steps) you will do the task*

17. Note any info received from Client (ie asbestos report) *

18. Any other rules or issues particular to site?*

19. Risk Assessment for work*

20. Any other hazards or relevant information?*

Please achnollege the folowing statement*

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