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BASIC UNDERSTANDING  - Working with Marksafety


Working with new and small organisations to collaboratively reduce risk and reassure. I help clients understand, implement and manage your own Health & Safety essentials in simple, sustainable ways. Marksafety's coaching approach is different from that of a consultantsThis "understanding" aims to set expectations and avoid frustration while working together.


I identify your goals over requirements, provide options over advice and draft documents with you rather than for you. like your travel companion with a route map but it is your destination, your vehicle and you remain very much in the drivers seat.


As a Mentee you must understand and respect the concept of mentoring/coaching. You set the priority and choose what you do along with how, if or when you do it. For this reason you pledge to be responsible, accountable, available and invested.


As a Mentor/coach while I accept no executive power or responsibility, I will offer the best of my experience, knowledge and tools to collaboratively aid you and support the organisations goals. I pledge to act in your best interest at all times.


By using our coaching or mentoring services you acknowledge that you understand and agree to the above statements. Full terms & conditions available on request or online at If unsure ask.

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