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Executive Safety Coaching

Mark Prince is an award winning, chartered Health & Safety Coach with 20 years experience. Mark aims to reduce risk and reassure by making sense of safety, mentoring new or small business owners to take action and accountability without overwhelm. If its important to you then its important to us.

Working with Mark . .

At first a professional who avoids advice may seem alien but Marks method of exploring your needs and options before offering further time or tools holds vast value. Consultations allow you to control cost or monthly membership means more access to Mark and his resources.

Coaching explores options, Mentoring creates change.

Download IOSH Safety Coaching guidance here

Coaching Consultations from £49.95

- Simple PAYG support via consultations

- Scheduling time is quick & easy online

- Onsite consultations available £1/mile

- Cancel / reschedule up to 24hrs before

- Initial 30 minute consultation is on us!

Monthly Mentoring from £99.95

- Named legal "Competent Person" certificate

- Access guidance, advice & online resources

- Online monthly mentor review consultations

- Incident / enforcement / claims assistance 

- 20% Member discount on additional support

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