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The Marksafety Mentoring Programme

The popular Marksafety mentoring Programme provides all that you need to understand and implement a simple safety management system. 

6 Elements

We provide the ingredients


Tools provided as you go to implement a basic safety management system.

6 Sessions

We teach the recipe

1:1 consultations help you understand what to do, when, how and why.

6 Weeks

We are your Sous Chef

Support available throughout programme and certification issued on completion.

Schedule a free consultation to discuss the programme and expectations on both sides.

Mark helps you draft and implement your Policy, an instruction manual for how you manage safety.

Mark helps you identify your risks & draft a Risk Assessment that tell's you what you need to do.

Mark helps you decide what records you need to keep and how in a simple sustainable way.

Mark helps you assess and deliver training needs and also looks at contractor competence.

Mark helps you look at your emergency arrangements and resources you may need in place.

Mark helps you carry out a management health check and look at next areas to work on.


On meeting the criteria of the Six Elements the Business will receive Benchmark Safety Management Certification and Mentees awarded "Safety Coordinator Certification".

*Price excludes travel if required at £1/mile (within Lancashire). Additional mentees from same organisation £195pp supplement. Programme to be completed within 2 months of enrolment


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