Build Safety into Your Project

Construction Design & Management Regulations (CDM) Places duties on all parties involved on a construction project. Mark works holistically assisting the client and contractor to coordinate legal safety documents and maintain site standards for a hourly or fixed fee.

What does a CDM Consultant do?

- Gathers info & discusses project
- Vetts key appointed parties & design
- Notifies project to HSE (F10 form)
- Advisies on Pre-construction info.
- Supports with Construction Plan

- Assists with site induction & RAMS
- Provides onsite safety folder
- Visits site before & during works
- Supports collating as built info.
- Advises & guides through project


We can assist with contractor vetting, PQQ questionnaires and accreditation support. We draft one off RAMS, visit site and provide training as required. Contact us to discuss your needs.