Working with Mark

A coach can be likened to a Personal Trainer enabling, empowering and encouraging accountability. Consistency beats intensity and progress is better than perfection (that's unfortunately where the similarity ends).


Motivation must be clear and the same goal worked towards. You will be responsible for results which means showing up and putting in the work. while a day off wont ruin all your work focus will be key. simple isn't easy and while you might find excuses to quit the results will be worth it in the end.


The Mentoring Package

For the smaller business who wants reassurance or just wants to save time and simplify safety.


Step 1. Meet Mark
Is Mark the coach with the right approach? A chat should provide clarity for both parties.

Step 2. A day in the life
Mark will visit your workplace and provide feedback against the 6 essential elements.

Step 3. Lay the foundations
Mark will provide the tools allowing you to manage the basic 6 essential elements.

Step 4. Bake the cake
Mark will mentor you through implementing the 6 essential elements over a few months.

Step 5. Release the bird 
Mark will finally step back offering ongoing coaching support on a monthly basis.


Monthly subscriptions

Our monthly subscription offers small businesses a named "competent Person" for online advice, resources, mentoring time, and 20% off any additional support.


One off consultations

Need to talk? 20 or 50 minute consultations with Mark can be scheduled, paid for and attended online.



from £20pp


£25 Half or £50 Full

Payment required to secure appointment 24hrs prior (payment may be made online). Onsite minimum 1hr/£60 consultation + travel applies. 



£120 2hrs, £250 Half day or £400 Full day

Cancellation / rescheduling  charge applies at 50% <48hrs and 100% <24hrs of appointment.



£120 Coach or £250 Mentor

£95 joining fee applies. payment by direct debit. 1 months notice to stop subscription.



£1/mile + Costs

From FY5 and rounded up to £5