Marksafety "Why"

Why was Marksafety created and what is our "Why"?

 To simplify the essentials so that people feel confident and reassured.


Mark Prince - Founder of Marksafety

Anxiety or overwhelm prevent us being effective or decisive. Simple is achievable and helps to motivate and reassure us. Time and energy is spent on things that make a difference.


How we live our Why


1. Focus on essentials
If its not adding genuine value we challenge why we need it. Do the basics brilliantly.


2. Keep it simple
If its essential we make it simple to understand and easy to do. Less really can be more.


3. Be authentic
A long term relationship is based on trust not transaction. Work together, towards one goal.


4. Identify options
Rules change but basic principles are constant. Empower people to be decisive.


If the above resonates with you Contact Mark.


"Supporting your dream"

We are here for your start-up
to offer advice
ensure it's proportionate 
and at the right price.
Our aim is to keep you
all safe and healthy,
while your business is growing
and making you wealthy.

We are here for the small shop,
builder or baker,
the cleaner, the salon
the printer and sign maker.
Leisure, manufacturing,
service or charity,
we promise to simplify
and offer you clarity.

We have seen it all,
the good and the gore,
its why we are here
to reduce risk, reassure.
Legally required
or stopping a claim,
We stand by you ensuring
that your not to blame

A partnership based
on respect and trust,
we hold you accountable
whenever we must.
Through mentoring and coaching
we join with your team,
Because when we assist 
your small business,
we're supporting your dream.



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