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You are running (or starting) a small business. You know Health & Safety is required and would like someone flexible and approachable to advise, develop systems and build competence until you are confident taking control. Someone who has your back and can simplify the essentials with an approach (and price) that is proportionate. Someone like Marksafety?


"You don't pay for Coaching, you pay for the Coach"


- Transparent fixed or hourly rates


- Proportionate & informal approach


- Services available online or onsite


Working together 
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Online consultation with Mark for advice, guidance & development 


Competent Person

Monthly subscription provides a safe solution for small businesses


Awareness Training

Convenient, certified courses available in person or online



Hire Mark as or when required on a fixed or hourly rate to suit


Construction C.D.M

Allowing clients and contractors to build safety in to smaller projects



Advice and support to manage and control this new hazard



Coordination and support through gaining certification


Set-ups & Check-ups

Safety systems and inspections designed for the small business


Fire & First Aid

Fire Risk Assessment, training and emergency planning 


Mock Inspections

Experience a workplace safety visit from a mock Safety Inspector


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