Marksafety Ltd.

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Working with Marksafety is a cost effective, gentle alternative to consultancy. With Coaching you control the amount, duration and frequency of consultations to achieve your goal, or you could appoint Mark as your Mentor for safety support on a monthly basis. No ties mean you can swap or stop subscription anytime. All members have access to;

1. Subscription Cert. for Named Safety Mentor with around the clock access to advice & guidance

2. Emergency consultations for claims, incidents or enforcement & annual review consultation.

3. Online resources, shared files monitored monthly & Pay As You Go support as required.


Simply choose monthly mentoring minutes . .

0min = £50/month
Basic background support


30min = £75/month
Good for occasional support


60min = £100/month
Good for moderate support


90min = £125/month
Good for regular support 


Add Biannual consultation £9.95/month
Unused time is carried over to next month while membership maintained. Prices exclude travel & costs.


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