Join the Marksafety Movement

Make Mark your Safety Mentor and legal Competent Person. Subscription allows access to support on a pay as you go basis keeping monthly fees low. There are no long term ties meaning you can stop or swap your package at any time, plus unused time can be carried over to the next month. Subscription includes;


1. Subscription Certificate of safety mentorship and newsletters.

2. Around the clock access to advice and guidance via phone and email.

3.  Online resources & shared files monitored monthly by your Mentor.

4. Claim, incident or enforcement emergency consultations included.

5.  Biannual management review consultation and document update.


Reactive Mentor package
Subscription as above
with PAYG support

Active Mentor package
Reactive package with
Monthly consultation


Proactive Mentor Package
Active Package with
Half Day of support

Intense Mentor Programme
Active package with
complete setup programme
£400/month (4 months)


£100 joining fee. Prices exclude costs and travel