Manage safety with a few documents and a little time!

Work with Mark to make this a reality. We not only provide the tools and Mentor you through the basics but act as your Competent Person over six months while we help you implement the essential elements of a simple safety management system. Six consultations prevent overwhelm while maintaining focus and progressing the programme. Note this is a popular programme and due to the number of running programmes being limited there may be a short waiting list at times.

What does the 6 Month programme involve?


Step 1. Policy & Arrangements

Draft your Policy including legal required arrangements for managing Health and Safety.


Step 2. Risk Assessment

Assist you identifying and assessing your business risks, using our simple Risk Assessment tool.


Step 3. Records & Review

Share our methods to monitor and evidence day to day safety management as required.


Step 4. Training & Competence

Analyse business training needs and ensure contractors hold adequate competence / resources.


Step 5. Emergency Management

Ensure suitable arrangements, resources and training are in place for First Aid and Fire Safety.


Step 6. Handover & Certification

Empower your safety coordinator, wrap-up and issue our Safety Management Certification.


£1,080 upfront

£600 then £120/month for 5 months

£250/month for 6 months 


Prices exclude travel or costs