Coaching and Mentoring Agreement

A Mentor is not a typical consultant hire and so this agreement aims to set brief expectations of the relationship to help avoid misunderstanding. A Mentor / Mentee relationship is based on mutual trust, respect and communication. Full terms and conditions are online at marksafety.co.uk. 

1. Marksafety is a Mentoring/Coaching resource for small, UK businesses. Mentoring/Coaching provides a critical experienced friend for clarifying goals or needs, exploring options and progressing plans through accountability it can develop an individuals approach and provide tools to assist clients managing Health and Safety in principle.  

2. Mentors and Coaches do not advise, instruct, progress work for or manage any aspect of behalf of the business. The business will be ultimately accountable for implementation of Health and Safety management and statutory compliance including the procurement any additional resources that may be required to fulfil such duties.  

3. While electronic editable document templates can be amended and used by clients they will remain the intellectual property of Marksafety Limited. We must clarify that tools/documentation issued by Marksafety are for development purposes. They are not endorsed by any body or guarantee statutory compliance.

4. Mentor subscriptions run monthly from the 1st of each month (invoiced and payable  upfront). 1 Months written notice is required from either party to terminate (or change) subscription. Additional services outside of subscription scope will be chargeable at standard rates including travel and costs (less any applicable member discount).

5. Scheduled Coaching/Mentoring consultations will be the vehicle for identifying or progressing solutions theoretically or practically. It is the businesses responsibility to schedule/request such consultations. Appointments not rearranged at least 24hrs prior to agreed appointment will be counted as taking place and time will be charged or debited as applicable. Access to guidance of a quick nature will also be available to Mentees by phone, email or message (governed by fair use policy). 

6. Marksafety always retains the right to refuse service on matters that are not within competence or ethical parameters, fall out of the Mentoring remit or would not be within the best interests of either party. Mentors will correspond with with the business director and one other named business contact. Unless otherwise agreed support will be provided remotely and documentation or guidance where provided will be done so digitally. Access to/use of online services will be required.

7. Clients accept full terms & conditions, understand what they choose to do, learn or ignore from mentoring/coaching is their decision. Clients understand and will be respectful of the mentors/coaches role and are open to being challenged or held accountable in a professional manner. Likewise Mentors/coaches promise to be respectful, professional and ethical providing assistance in a way that empowers clients and will act in a clients best interest at all times.

8. Fair use policy is about being respectful of the mentoring coaching support model. Marksafety's time is shared to serve multiple clients meaning availability and delivery may be dependant on demand at any time and some scheduling/planning is required of clients for maximum benefit and efficiently.  General guidance provided over the phone should be of short duration and will be principled. Consultations should be scheduled allowing sufficient time to include notes and/or travel. Where possible support will be during typical practice hours unless an emergency or otherwise agreed.  

By using our service you accept this agreement and understand the business is ultimately responsible and accountable for Health and Safety management and compliance. The concept of Coaching and Mentoring is about educating, engaging, empowering and enabling you in principle to manage your own Health and Safety.

1. Use of Marksafety Limited as your business named "Competent Person" or "Business Health & Safety Mentor". 2. Access to quick guidance from your Mentor by phone, email or Whats app group subject to fair use policy. 3. Access to generic key document templates online, newsletters and access to group video call consultations. 4. 1 hours Coaching consultation in event of a claim, enforcement action or RIDDOR incident. 5. Opportunity to schedule a monthly 30 minute online review/catch-up consultation with your Mentor plus an annual management review. 6. First hour of support for Coaching/Mentoring/Training as required each month (30 minute units of time. Unused time does not carry over).