Quick Safety Coaching FAQ's


Why Marksafety?

It's not just about qualifications and memberships. When getting advice you need someone you like and trust. We work with you collaboratively, acting in your best interest and to work in the simplest, most cost-effective way. We build relationships meaning however long our assignment lasts we have your back and you have our attention. 

What is Safety Coaching?

Safety Coaching is a bespoke, flexible, effective way of developing and progressing Health and Safety while controlling cost. It's your time for support and development with an experienced professional offering experience, knowledge and tools. 

Where Consultants identify needs and implement solutions for you, Coaches help you to understand your own needs and solutions during consultations. They provide tools, experience and knowledge but hold you ultimately accountable for implementing them. You play a role in the direction, pace and budget.

How does it work?

Lasting an hour, consultations may be one off or regular, practical or more discussion/strategy based in nature. First, we understand your goal before looking at the current situation, the options and finally agree action. Sessions can be held in or away from the workplace and work well one to one or in small groups alike.

Consultations cost £60 each or £100 if you require a double consultation appointment (usually for preparation or follow up work). You play a part in deciding frequency and number of consultations depending on the desired outcomes, budget and timescales you set initially.

What can Coaching do?

It's hard to cover all outcomes here, coaching is versatile and clients who come to us may be hesitant to employ a consultant, want to develop understanding and skills or have a say in the implementation. 

Coaching can be effective in reviewing and implementing systems, drafting documents, setting time aside to explore issues and options, assist with audits, carry out workplace or work equipment checks or deliver training/briefings.

What about Mentoring or Consultancy support?

We offer a mentoring competent person package on a monthly basis for £99.95/month. More information here.

We also understand certain projects require us to complete work on your behalf.  Marksafety offer consultancy at an hourly or fixed rate as required and training from £20/person.