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"5 reasons why you should switch on to online training"

When I realise that training is required for myself or a team member it has to be appropriate, fitting, and fun but I also want it quick, cheap and convenient. Now don't get me wrong there are courses that demand classroom style learning and practical application to be deemed as suitable and sufficient for turning out a competent person at the end but where information and awareness is the aim there are many advantages to online training. 

Technology is moving forward at speed and whether its apps or websites online seems to be the tool of the day. Online course can if done right be effective and even a preferred learning style in the workplace. I consider 5 reasons small business I work with agree E-learning is great;

1. No minimum number of delegates - The dreaded minimum five delegate condition when you have two employees. Do you pay for the extra places or wait for a public course? Online training is available for one as it is for five. Another common objection I get from smaller businesses is that it's the cost or logistics of getting all the team in one room at the same time. It's just not sufficient for me to deliver the same course three times to two people whereas online training provided this kind of solution

2. The venue is convenient and cheaper - So you find your course at the right price only to learn its being held 100 miles away. Whether you complete your course at home on your tablet or office PC the venue always gets the thumbs up. On top of the time, venue and other savings buying online training in bulk can also actually save you money with providers offering a discounts when you buying multiple courses.

3. You set the pace and deadline - Have you ever been half way through a course and had that thought “I’m just not getting this”! In a classroom environment it's hard to ask the tutor to go again from three slides back or ask to start again tomorrow when your in the zone. Again with online training you can pretty much do just that.

4. Flexibility and less chance of cancellation - How frustrating is it when the venue is double booked, the team member doesn't show or even worse the tutor breaks down on the way to the training. Online training makes using another PC, changing the schedule or venue an easy option significantly reducing the need to cancel training.

5. Its instant - “I need a course before they will let me start the job” a desperate voice calls down the phone. Years ago there would be little that could be done to remedy however with online training a huge benefit is that a course can be assigned, sat within the hour and instead of waiting for a trainer to mark assessments and post certification with online training your certificate is instantly downloadable to print or emailed as a PDF to forward on.

In conclusion there are many forms that training can take and each method will suit a business or situation differently. Where someone is taking on a specific responsibility or actual “training” is required rather than education and knowledge class room options may work well but for consistent and convenient courses that fit a tight budget online is a clear contender.